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We are a small home based kennel located in Eastern Washington. All of our dogs are part of the family and share the bed or couch with myself. None of our dogs are ever “kennel dogs”. I am dedicated to improving the boxer breed not only in conformation but sound temperament and excellent health. My first and foremost importance is having healthy and temperamentally sound Boxers that make excellent family members. 

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Here at Stasia Boxers it is about quality in the boxer. I am a proud member of the Spokane Boxer Club & I have been involved with this fantastic breed since 2008 when I acquired Brenna, my very first boxer. After owning one boxer, it was all downhill from there; you can’t ever own just one boxer. Shortly after acquiring my first boxer, I was able to get my second boxer with the help of a friend I added Morgan to the house. Morgan started my experience in the conformation ring.

 I work hard with all of my dogs and try to make them the absolute best they can be to have good members of society. All of my dogs are well socialized and have acquired a CGC title as well as therapy dog certification and other performance event titles such as agility, rally and lure coursing. Along with owning and showing boxers, I work closely with local rescue organizations and adoption facilities to foster, train, rehabilitate and re-home animals in need. Every animal who comes through my doors as a foster in need, are all very important to me and become part of the family until the perfect forever home can be found for them. I do support rescue and adoption efforts in any way that I can, every animal deserves a home.

​The time I have been in the world of dog shows and performance events, I have been unbelievably lucky and blessed to have many wonderful friends in the dog community, fellow boxer lovers as mentors and support in my adventures in conformation and performance as well as other avenues in the world of boxers. I thank all of those that have helped & supported me in the goals of Stasia Boxers.

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